Facts About Ruminant Methane (FARM)

NO taxing Methane

Why Taxing Your Methane is Unscientific, Unfair and Plain Wrong:

  1. Ruminant Methane emissions are falling in NZ.  No additional methane is entering the atmosphere from New Zealand livestock as sheep and cattle numbers have been stable for the last decade.  Methane disappears in approximately 10 years so no additional methane is building up in the atmosphere.  Farmers are NOT causing any additional warming. 

  2. You are being forced to reduce your methane emissions faster than fossil fuel users effectively requiring you to subsidise vehicle owners, industrial plants, coal users.  The Climate Change Commission has recommended setting harder targets for farmers than any other sector.  It is unfair and one more instance of rural New Zealand being ill-treated.

  3. The 48% quoted as being agriculture’s share of emissions is proven to be false and grossly overstated by more recent research. The measuring system for comparing methane and CO2 (the GWP) is out-dated and demonstrably wrong.  Even the NZ Greenhouse Gas research Unit’s directors say, “the GWP formula does not measure actual warming caused by emissions and ignores the fact that methane does not accumulate in the atmosphere like CO2”.  Dr Myles Allen, U.K. a committed “warmist” declared it “not fit for purpose”

  4. The Climate Commission’s draft report calls for big cuts to methane emissions for no other reason than to offset CO2 emissions, which it states cannot be reduced fast enough. No scientific justification exists for the methane reduction targets the Government and the Commission propose.

How much will you pay?  If the Carbon price reaches $140.00 a tonne, the average dairy farm will get an annual bill of $240,000.  At the current Carbon price your bill will be $70,000 p.a.  Greenies, the Productivity Commission, others want the price to go to $250 a tonne. 


  • Many farm leaders in other farm organisations are letting you down
  • They are too accepting of the pseudo-science about methane.
  • FARM is standing up for you.  Stand with FARM. 
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  • Your leaders have let you down. They are trying to work “inside the tent”. They have failed to grasp the extent of the deception in much of the science and never properly questioned the re-conceptions.
  • We will fight taxing methane.
  • ‘School boy’ science tells us that there is a natural cycle. Farms use more Greenhouse Gas than they produce
Methane Cycle
  • NZ produces food with the lowest carbon footprint. The Govt is penalising success. Our foregone production will be produced by a country with higher emissions making a mockery of our efforts
  • Article 2 of the Paris Accord requires any measures on climate change to be instituted “in a manner that does not threaten food production”. Why is this vital clause being ignored? We are sacrificing the lives of the hungry to satisfy the whims of well fed elitists.
  • The government is more interested in ‘optics’ on the world stage, ‘virtue signalling’ and appeasing green lobbyists.
  • We do not buy into the woke, PC nonsense that climate change is a catastrophe. The evidence is weak. Ruminant methane emissions do not need to decrease.
  • The Chairman of the Climate Commission described farming as being like whaling – a dying industry. That is the underlying attitude we are fighting. Time to stand up and be counted.

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