Facts About Ruminant Methane (FARM)

Letter to Farmers

A Letter to Farmers and Rural Supporters seeking help to fight unjust taxes

Dear Farmer or Rural Supporter

Farming is under relentless attack yet our country needs farming more than ever. NZ farming leaders, in an agreement with Government, have committed NZ farmers to become the only farmers in the world to pay for emissions of Ruminant Methane.

Pricing these emissions cannot be justified scientifically or morally and is a major threat to your viability. This new tax could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the average farm. *

‘FARM’ was formed to present the facts about Ruminant Methane to fight unjustified, unscientific emission reduction requirements – about to become one of farming’s biggest costs.

We are a growing group of farmers, scientists and citizens concerned that rural NZ is not well represented on climate change issues.

FARM’s objective is to change that.


  • Ruminant Methane’s impact on temperatures is grossly overstated.
  • Methane is a short-lived gas that oxidises into carbon dioxide and water which grows grass the animals eat-a natural constant cycle.
  • Agriculture is not responsible for 48% of NZ’s Greenhouse Gas emissions as claimed because this figure is based on a Global Warming Potential (GWP) CO2 equivalence system that is discredited and should not be used.  The GWP system overstates the contribution of Methane.
  • Published science by world-leading Methane experts is being ignored in the development of New Zealand climate policies.

FARM believes farming leaders failed to consider all the Ruminant Methane science when they committed farmers to stringent, costly and unnecessary emission reduction targets.

We Need Your Help 
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FARM will use the scientific facts to fight for the legitimate concerns of Kiwi farmers to change or remove unjust regulations and policies.

Ruminant Methane is NOT the danger claimed

Join FARM and help us restore the truth.

Signed for FARM

  • Owen JenningsFormer National President of Federated Farmers.
  • Robin GrieveChairman Pastural Farming Climate Research
  • Dr Jock Allison, ONZM, M.Agr Sc (Hons); Ph.D. former head of Invermay Research Station
  • John Sexton – Farmer, farmer advocate   
  • Deborah AlexanderB.Agr.Sc, Researcher                   
  • Derek DaniellFarmer, commentator                              
  • Neil and Esther HendersonFarmers, climate campaigners
  • Michael SextonBusinessman
  • Dr Doug Edmeades – ONZM, Ph.D Scientist.

* Using the Lincoln University carbon calculator an average dairy farm at $35 a tonne for carbon will pay $60,000 p.a. if no discount is applied.  The goal of climate policy is to lift the carbon price to be $250 a tonne, which would cost over $300,000 without the discount.

Are US Cattle causing an increase in Global Warming?  (Rotz et al)


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