Facts About Ruminant Methane (FARM)

What Now?

Moving forward and FARM’s Submission to Climate Change Commission

Submissions closed right on the stroke of midnight last night (28 March) and the Climate Change Commission is now going to work through the responses.  In the meantime they are running a series of Zoom meetings with international high profile persons involved in climate change issues.  The first one is with Lord Deben in the UK – Rod Carr’s counterpart.  However there is a cloud hanging over Lord Deben due to his family benefiting from some of his recommendations to the UK Government.  Go to the CCC’s website to check out these Zoom meets – www.climatecommission.govt.nz

The Climate Change Commission will make any changes to its recommendations it deems worthwhile following the submissions and report to the Government by the end of May.  The Government will then prepare any legislature changes required and hopefully another period of submission making will be allowed.

Some people have asked if submissions are worth the time and effort and whether continuing to lobby for a better outcome is likely to see changes.  The short answer is that there is significant prejudice among politicians left of centre and trying to even approach them is difficult.  However there is so much uncertainty, new scientific findings emerging and the projected changes are planned for decades (several election cycles) that lobbying is vital for the country’s wellbeing and agriculture’s viability.

Below is FARM’s own submission.