Facts About Ruminant Methane (FARM)

About FARM

Who is FARM?

FARM was started by a group of farmers, scientists and interested rural persons concerned about the way Ruminant Methane was being misrepresented. The group wanted to challenge and correct many of the claims that are being made about Ruminant Methane especially as the Government moves to tax these emissions.

  • Ruminant Methane’s impact on temperatures is grossly overstated.
  • Methane is a short-lived gas that oxidises into carbon dioxide and water which grows grass the animals eat – a natural constant cycle.
  • Agriculture is not responsible for 48% of NZ’s Greenhouse Gas emissions as claimed because this figure is based on the GWP equivalence system that is discredited and should not be used.  The GWP system attempts to relate Methane effects to CO2 and substantially overstates the contribution of Methane
  • Published science by world-leading Methane experts is being ignored in the development of New Zealand climate policies.

New Zealand’s attempts to reduce its Greenhouse Gas emissions may lead to farmers paying very large taxes. We believe this would be unjust and unnecessary.

Signed for FARM

  • Owen JenningsFormer National President of Federated Farmers.
  • Robin GrieveChairman Pastural Farming Climate Research
  • Dr Jock Allison – ONZM, M.Agr Sc (Hons); Ph.D. former head of Invermay Research Station
  • John Sexton – Farmer, farmer advocate   
  • Deborah AlexanderB.Agr.Sc, Researcher                   
  • Derek DaniellFarmer, commentator                              
  • Neil and Esther HendersonFarmers, climate campaigners
  • Michael SextonBusinessman
  • Dr Doug Edmeades – ONZM, Ph.D., Scientist,   


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